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Why Do I Love You?

Why Do I Love You? A Toy Story


You have been there, right by my side, through the good times and bad. For that I want you to know I love you.

When things looked dark and I didn’t know whether I could count on you, you would reach out and ask for my advise, when I thought I wasn’t needed. For that alone I think of you always!

With consistent action and never throwing out your what is truly yours it can happen for you too! I’m yours!

Everyday share with your friends, your audience, anyone who can hear your words, ‘our success is imminent, come join us!’

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There Is Still Tomorrow! And we will meet again. Different place, circumstances altered but we will march forward.
Join me there! As my great-grandson says…to infinity and beyond! ‘A Toy Story’

Gerri Lewis Yip

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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