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Wanna Look? eBook For 10KAMonthIn90Days

Wanna a Look? eBook For $10KAMonthIn90Days

If you have been following, we are examining the plan to make $10,000 a month in 90 days. As I have said this popular and effective plan has been tried and used by many successful entrepreneurs who swear by it.

Cont:And why not, it is so completely simple and logical. All you have to do is take it in steps, quickly!

I am presenting it to you if you never have or you are involved in a similar plan and are making no headway. Perhaps you are getting it in drips and drabs. Now you want the whole enchilada!

No problem! We will get there together!

So far we looked at the first part. Here is a look at an outline of what the second part entails:


Choosing the Passive Income Model…why?

Stop the Trade of your Time for Money

Make Money while your are at rest.

Passive Income Models

Access your Email Marketing;

Ever consider creating your Own Product;

Writing your Own eBook;

Sell Physical Products

What we already covered:

Examine your mind for limiting beliefs and work on them
Choose the Make Money Online Niche
Write your lead magnet or outsource it
Register a good Domain Name
Choose web host, link your domain name
Install WordPress

And the neat plan goes on from there. Advice to make your journey have goal and purpose; a literal light in the darkness of online marketing!

Why is this letter I answered important to you as a SFI/TripleClicks Member?

Because it answers questions YOU never asked but wanted to…

Hello XXX,

How are you doing?

It would be a great help if you could speak English or Spanish. Those are the

major languages in the USA today and that is what I speak well.

What is very helpful in getting phrases, words and meaning is Google:

https://translate.google.com Use it often, refer to it always.

I suggest you try to get a free or paid account with Mondly:


I know you’ll appreciate this in your language-learning experience! See now:

~Focus on phrases not individual words ~Listen to native speakers

~Practice real conversations

Lock-in knowledge using a unique repetition system

This is my product, please try it and share with with others who need it!

>>You are free to search the Mondly site for there free platforms<<

Hey SFI MEMBERS and those who are curious!

I have been lucky in receiving this information from Olivia Stores..

(Ever do things backwards? Well starting at 5 gives you ahead start. The ones in read are most important)

1.A video tutorial for Registration and first step instruction ( new updated version from 10th, December 2018)

2. A video tutorial for Registration and first step instruction ( new updated version from 11th, December 2018) on Spanish

3. A video tutorial for completing daily actions for new PSAs

4. A video tutorial for completing weekly actions for new PSAs

5. A video tutorial for completing monthly actions for new PSAs

It took a while to get this for your best understanding.

So use it and please appreciate it.

I look forward to you making videos in YOUR language for YOUR new PSAs.


Oh, if you are not a SFI member and want to be, clickhere:

Gerri Lewis Yip
Philadelphia, PA. USA 19131


~Be a Super affiliate, today!
~Generate leads for your online business

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

See Introduction to $10K A Month in 90 Days! A Learning Experience To 10X Your Life! https://www.gerrabbitcashempowered.info/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Video-Intro-to-10K.mp4

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