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Teach A Man To Fish

They say if you give a man a fish, he eats for one day.

But if you teach a man to fish, he eats the rest of his life.

I’m saying this because I have several people who ask me for money, I don’t know what they intend to do with it. (Buy fish?) But this time I had to bring attention to the issue because it was one of my members on my team. Can you imagine that?

Let me ask you, have you ever asked your Boss or in this case, Sponsor for money?

Not to mention that I need several thousands of dollars myself. To keep being able to bring these programs to them. So they may learn and earn. Fish so to speak.

What was interesting is this person does not do any required activities to call for my giving him cash (even if I had it.) He may have needed traffic, training or anything about the business

He happened to be the second Nigerian-to make that request. I expected to be out-smarted, not required to make a donation. Others put me to the test too. But I stuck to my fish. I know so many from Senegal. Not one has asked me for a dime! Pride and hard-working, I think.

Well anyway I have to share what I have, not what is an added strain. I’ve been scammed twice. Once from someone who I still know nothing about.

I am suggesting that my ‘team member’ take advantage of the free website I am privy to; fish ‘til his heart’s desire. And join ‘BitToClick’ to get in on the bitcoin revolution; found on my site here. Anyone can click on the advertisement and gain access to the program

My comment to you/him.

‘Even if I was giving you money, you wouldn’t know because you never read my reply to your letter asking for money. Therefore I surmise you were not even serious and did not need any money from me.

Oh, I just got paid from SFI. If you’d get off your *** and do some ‘work’ you’d make some too!     Unless you only want fish,’

Forgive my Me Me Me attitude today!

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