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Great Day For Father’s! And Those Who Want To Create Their Own Product.


Hoping all you wonderful, devoted fathers out there have enjoyed today’s celebration of Father’s!

I only wish mine was here today. So if your father is still present and accounted for, consider it a blessing. Give him all the love respect and adoration you can. The day’s not over yet.

I found this newsletter that I thought might be of use to those of you who have wanted to create a product and present it to the 1.7 billion people worldwide. You never know, it could just be a winner. The thing that answer’s your dilemma of how to escape your money problems. Or how to make your time account for something creative and praise worthy.

I used to have a skin care product that I sold on and off line. I enjoyed the expression on my buyer’s face’s when they used my product. It was most likely delight. Making the all-natural, product was such a joy! But having to package, sell, distribute and everything else was sometimes very taxing.

That brings me to the discussion in my newsletter. It’s a slight departure from the home-manufactured, but just a little. It started like this:

If you hope to make as big a splash as possible with your online business, creating and launching your own products is a necessity.

You can make a good deal of money either reselling other people products or through affiliate marketing, but the real paydays lie in being the person who gets the lion’s share of the profits, as well as the list created while selling it.

There are many ways to create products in this information age. Info marketing is one of the hottest ways to create fast cash around today. You
can create (or have created) products very quickly and have them on the market within weeks.

So the next question that will undoubtedly come to mind is what exactly should you create?

This is natural, and at the same time easily solved.

If you have any expertise in any area in your market, you can easily use this to create a product fast. Putting together a course from your own archived material can happen very quickly.

You can also use video and/or an audio podcast to relate your specific expertise to the masses.

Think small when you start out, and by this I mean niche down in your market. Also, if you haven’t exactly acquired all the expertise you may
feel you need, a good way to create your first product is to interview those who have, and make a product out of the interviews. Many have started
this way, and the connections you make are invaluable as well.

Think outside the box a bit, and you’ll be a product creator in no time!


Gerri Yip

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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