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The Most Important Rhythm Of Our Live’s

The Most Important Rhythm Of Our Lives

Sleeping at night used to consume at least 80% of my daily thoughts. I think getting sleep kept me awake at night. I’m just joking, I think. But I mentioned how I was having trouble sleeping for the last 3 years or more.

It began when I moved back to Philadelphia. I lived in the mountainous ski area before and didn’t seem to have any problem’s being cozy and sleeping through the night. But after coming back to Philly I was always hot at night and the slightest light would keep me up for hours.

Ever notice that around 3AM the sky starts to gradually turn brighter. No matter how slight the effect I woke at 3:30 AM without fail. (It didn’t help much if I went to bed at 1AM either) That is until I began wearing a sleep mask. May be old-fashioned but still gives me 85% more rest than I’d had before.

You may want to reference my post dealing with the severe lack of productivity from lack of sleep.
I wanted to share this bit of information with you. We’ve all heard of our rhythms that affect our ability to sleep. The Circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism’s environment. They are found in most living things, including animals, plants and many tiny microbes. The study of circadian rhythms is called chronobiology.

Apr 6, 2016
National Institutes of Health (.gov) › nigms › …

Fortunately, there are some things people with delayed sleep phase syndrome can do to help reset their biological clocks:

Schedule a doctor visit. …Adjust your bedtime. …Do not nap. …Do not sleep in. …Be strict about your sleep schedule. …Try light therapy. …Avoid night-light.

The important thing is avoiding light and keeping your eyes covered certainty goes a long ways for people like me who basically get no sleep at all. I found these sleep masks that are a bargain at $9.49 and cheaper than black, thermal curtains. I decided to share them with you. Try not to suffer any more! You can consider this another very effective one of “Gerri’s Remedies!”

SRB Sleep Mask


SRB Sleep Mask, Rest In Comfort

Comes In 5 Colors

SRB Sleep Mask Comes In 5 ColorsSRB SLEEP MASK, Rest In Comfort!$9.49At $9.49 You save 52% off the regular price of $19.99
Comes in Black   Blue   Red   Green   Pink

Made of Polyester + Sponge
Approx 23.5cm*9cm (9.3” x 3.54”)
Comes in 5 Colors
The nose design keeps more light out and feels very soft.
Unique and special shape to allow free eye movement. Breathe freely!

Other Sleep Product’s and items especially for men:


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Is This You? Less Sleep Can Affect Your Productivity

So many have this problem. Coming home from a hard day at work, spending time with the family before dinner, then some talk and tidying up and finally going up for bed. Only it doesn’t result in your having a peaceful rest. Instead you toss and turn, stare at the ceiling and then after losing that drowsy feeling you’re up looking for the opportunity to get some rest.

Is this you? Are you finding yourself wishing you could get some Shuteye so you can perform to your best ability at work in the morning. Or tomorrow you take care of the grand kids. They’re coming early and you have to be awake, ready for anything so helter-skelter doesn’t occur while you’re not totally there for your young, busy visitors.

You’ve got to get some zzzz’s. You know that the benefits if sleep are numerous as outlined by ‘Shaw Stevenson’ in “Strategies To Sleep And Ways To Better Body, Better Health And Better Success.” Sleep Smarter.

-Shed fat
-Stave of disease
-Stay productive
-Improve functions of body and mind

-How to create the ideal sleep sanctuary
-Hack sunlight to regulate your Circadian rhythm’s
-Clinically proven sleep nutrients and supplements
-Stress reducing exercise

As outlined in AARP Bulletin, (May 2017, Vol. 58) More than
half of Americans are waking up too early and not returning once woken. This can impair brain function, Global Council on Brain Health. They suggest seven to eight hours of sleep each night for cognitive function as we age. Too little rest can lead to depression and ultimately dementia. There’s no truth to the myth that as you age you need less sleep. Poor quality sleep habits with age are not normal and with lifestyle changes can be improved. This according to Sarah Lock, executive director of the council and senior vice president at AARP.


-Don’t take long naps. 30 minutes, afternoons only
-Try a warm bath and socks. Bathing before bed and socks to ward off cold will aid in sleep.
-Avoid too much discussion. Before bed limit politics, finances and other like topics.

Well we’ve heard from the experts, but I just know that what I’ve gathered from here and there works very well too. Like eating these before bed:
Warm milk

Then there are supplements such as magnesium and Valerian Root. Did you know your allergy medicine, Benadryl contains the same ingredient, Diphenhydramine HCI, found in over the counter sleep medications?

Then there are my favorite sleep patch-it. They’re like the foot detox pads you place on your feet before retiring at night. I absolutely love these. They’re completely natural, made of a blend of essential oils. But they do detox while putting you asleep. I cringe at seeing my reserves of vitamin E escape because I can’t get to sleep. But if you revolve these methods just may be you can get away with their occasional use.

My only problem comes when I’m out of all my sleep remedies, when I have a visitation from one of the local pests in the area or I work up until dawn and still can’t get to sleep. Then all bets are off. But that’s really extreme, wouldn’t you say? Sleep well!

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