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We Are A Team!

Come To Understand We Are A Team!

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Hello, would you like to sit in and see how we begin moving in the right direction?

You maybe aware that we represent a community of worldwide business novices and many professionals.  The professionals I will be dealing with post-haste. Here I have software and apps that my be of interest to you. I have not incorporated content I published on social media yet. Coming!

Welcome neighbors and community!

However lately I became aware of a new trend in my marketing. There are people who live at my front door, amazing! I finally got your attention. I can’t begin to tell you how I appreciate that you’re here after ignoring me for so long.

What I’ve done to further communications with my team

I learned some Portuguese, went back to “my French.” I failed it in school and was so happy I could leave it behind, but not so much now you see team. My Spanish is so-so and there really hasn’t been much need.

I fear that learning Portuguese will kill my ability to remember Spanish. They are alike but Portuguese has idioms that make no sense to me. Notice I’ve said nothing about German and Chinese. The curse words I know in Chinese are not needed anytime soon. I will not offend!

Well things are changing and I want to welcome my new friends from France and Germany. Believe me I have taken notice. And the scores of Senegalese are still with me and about, love you all.

Ok, watch as I explain a few marketing necessities you should understand.

Thank you for opening my email, but not many watched the video…duh! So you have no idea what we need to do! See some of the things necessary to make your business a fixture in your circle of influence. Unless you’re doing ads everyday you need an audience of people who have a common interest in your targeted market. Check this out!

We Are A Team, Watch!

Together we chose to improve, to reach a million + dollars! To be a force, admired and respected by all. We want to make a difference and learn the ways of the world of financial freedom. We want it now and to tell you the truth, we’re lucky, we have each other to depend on!
So let us begin as a team should.


As a member of my team you have a product. Determine if your product is digital or real. A digital product does not need shipping. Where as an actual one does. Taxes may also be applicable.


Acquainting yourself with others is crucial to your marketing success. You can not make money unless you create relationships with a large, targeted audience.

Build your audience; make good use of the one you have, team!

Everyday chose members for your account. An average of 20 – 25 is a good goal. You may have an audience, but are they interested in the things you are? Would they want to purchase or join you in your endeavors. These considerations lead to a targeted audience.

Co-op (pool) Pooling your resources (team, money) can give you a power base to purchase with lower cost in mind.

A large money source will place you in a totally different category for purchasing traffic. (Traffic is your process of advertising)
Meeting (Zoom preferably)

Hey team, no doubt I love you! I’m not an interpreter! It’s time for you to take responsibility!

You want business worldwide? Then make yourself a treasured commodity! Learn languages!
Students Language Learning

Language Is For Students And Entrepreneurs Teams Too! Mondly Language

Check this video out  AND BUY! #MondlyLanguagePlatform!
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$1 + An Unfair Advantage Making the team

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 <<< The importance of tracking, next! >>>

For More Advanced Professional Marketers of Our Team                                                  Software, Apps and some of our 5 income streams:

More advanced team members

For my more advanced team members

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I was warned to stay out of politics and sensitive issues.                                           

As a marketer, leader of your team, I guess you have too. I just could not keep my mouth shut!

Gerri Lewis-Yip, September 27 at 2:04 PM

Speaking about the #KavanaughHearings

Do you understand?
When I woman experiences an incident like this, her whole life revolves!

-Never go there again, they say to themselves
Career, neighborhood where you grew up, practiced music,
tennis, acting, jump rope, piano, cooking…duh, everything their
life would end without!

-The secrets they keep, be it Mama, Daddy, minister, boyfriend,
siblings, teachers, anyone close.-The lose of finance, dreams and aspirations

-There is the ridicule of those who ‘knew.’-The distortion of the character they once were.

-Who do they ask for help? The ones they don’t want to know?

-The friends they once knew, don’t know them anymore!-How many suicides? One does not know.The list goes on. Show some understanding and compassion.

And get ready for Kavanagh! The man we never knew!

Together in the years to come

How will we deal with this in the years to come?
















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Believe in YOU!

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On A Personal Note

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What a pain...

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How Starting a Small Business Can Get You a Green Card

How Starting a Small Business Can Get You a Green Card

Geat America

Immigrants HAVE made America Great

When hopes for a better life seem to slip away, please consider this before giving up that dream.

This in no way is assurance of a solution, but something you haven’t tried, starting a business.

I found an article that will interest you. Starting a business is an alternative to uprooting your family and life. It’s written by #ShilpaMalik and published in a newsletter from #Fundera.

The reason I’m addressing this is because in my work online, I meet far more people from around the world than I do #Americans. It’s just the way things have gone so far.

I’m sometimes asked if I can help get you in the country, usually by invitation. Well the answer to that is no, I have no access to visas. No idea where to begin getting a green card. And as I have repeated on each occasion, I am not an embassy. I have no special ties to the government. I’d rather do what I know and leave that area to the professionals.

But seeing this made me aware that I can help those who are already here. Check out the following.

MAY 13, 2017

Shilpa Malik

Through the efforts of a variety of people, this country was built. However, two main groups stand out among the rest: entrepreneurs and immigrants.

Often, these two are not mutually exclusive. Great minds and dedicated hands from all over the world have played a large part in shaping our economy by taking a chance and starting a small business.

While there are plenty of ways to start a business in the U.S. on a temporary visa, what about those exceptional entrepreneurs who want to make the U.S. their home?

Fortunately, the United States Center for Immigration Services (USCIS) is well aware of the part that small business owners play in the U.S. If getting a green card and becoming a lawful permanent resident is your goal, then your small business is the key.

How the U.S. Benefits from Small Businesses

It’s not a long shot to say that the heart of U.S. economics is small business.

Huge conglomerates and chains may seem to dominate the landscape, but the way that job opportunities and ingenuity really spreads is through the spark that entrepreneurs across the country give. That much has been true since J.D. Rockefeller himself started his own business in 1867.

A recent report from the Small Business Association puts the number of small businesses in the U.S. at almost 28 million. That’s more than half of the 45 million total businesses reported by the census. Seeing as they make up over 62% of all U.S. businesses, there’s no denying that our economy is still held up by the risk takers who strike out on their own.

If you thought those numbers were high, these may stagger you. The SBA reports that one out of every ten immigrants owns a business in the U.S. and 620 out of every 100,000 immigrants starts a new business each month. That’s a lot of immigrant entrepreneurs!

So if immigrants make up 10% of small businesses, and small businesses make up over 50% of all U.S. establishments, then it’s safe to say that we owe a lot to green card holders. Here’s how starting a small business can help you get permanent residence in the U.S.

3 Ways to Get a Green Card Through Your Startup Business

So, you have a business plan in mind, and you’ve secured the location, the funding, and the people to get your startup rolling as soon as your feet touch American soil. The question is: How to get there?

As we said before, there are some ways to come here temporarily through your business but only a few ways to get your green card. This is because most employment-based green cards must you to have a job offer to qualify. Since business owners are their own bosses and don’t have job offers, you can imagine the difficulties this creates.

However, there are some ways to get around the job offer need so that you can start your business in the U.S. under a green card. Here are the top three:

1. EB-1 Green Card for Extraordinary People

There are three groups that qualify for the EB-1:

People with extraordinary achievement; researchers, professors,   managers and executives

Because the last two groups need a job offer, we want to set our lofty sights to the first group: people with extraordinary achievement.

Sure, it might sound vague, but the process of defining “extraordinary people” is actually quite precise. If you have a really well-known international award like the Nobel Prize or Pulitzer Prize, you have nothing to worry about. For the rest of us mortals, there are other things that can prove extraordinary achievement like a high salary, published work, exclusive membership, or exhibited material.

Here’s an example.

Heidi wants to start her own taxology firm in the U.S. She has already worked in the area for 15 years and has won several awards for her contributions to the growing field. She has published scholarly articles on the subject that generates a large salary from her efforts. In this scenario, the EB-1 would be ideal for Heidi to start her firm in the U.S.

Keep in mind that the EB-1 is a very difficult green card to get your hands on. That’s why this next option is a common way to get your green card through your business.

2. EB-2 Green Card with a National Interest Waiver

As the most popular employment-based green card by far, the EB-2 is also meant for three kinds of people:

People with exceptional ability, hold degrees, and National Interest Waiver holders.

While the first two are impressive by themselves, it’s the third group that we want to focus on as entrepreneurs.

Under normal circumstances, an EB-2 applicant would first need to get a job offer from a U.S. employer and have that employer go through an extensive recruitment process to find out if there are any qualified American workers for the position. The employer would then have to file a petition on the behalf of the person getting the green card.

However, the National Interest Waiver (or NIW) lets you file a petition for yourself, bypassing the job offer and recruitment needs. This is perfect for small business owners, who otherwise would not be able to apply without an employer.

While this is great news, the requirements for the NIW are pretty steep. In order to qualify, you need to convince the USCIS of three things:

Your business will have a real positive impact on the U.S. economy, culture, society, education, technology, etc.

You are capable of making the business succeed. This is shown by past successes, financial capital, or a specialized degree.That the United States would stand to help from waiving the job offer need.

You might need to gather some letters of recommendation from experienced colleagues or former employers to prove that you’re able to make the business succeed. Two years of experience can also go a long way in convincing the USCIS that you’re qualified.

If you’re a doctor interested in starting your practice in the U.S. with the NIW, you need to adhere to a different set of rules. Namely, you need to work in a medically underserved area for the first five years of your practice.

Essentially, you need to prove that your business would be in the nation’s best interest. This is more difficult than it may sound, so it’s always best to have an immigration attorney go over your qualifications and evidence.

3. EB-5 Green Card for Investors

This green card is a bit less popular than the EB-2, and for good reason. The EB-5 allows foreign nationals who are ready to invest quite a bit of money into a new commercial enterprise to enter the U.S. so that they can work on that enterprise.

The reason  this green card is less popular is because of the amount of money invested. The USCIS requires at least a $1 million investment to qualify. However, if you are starting your business in a rural area or an area with high unemployment, the least set at $500,000.

For many foreign small business owners and entrepreneurs, this is out  of reach. However, it still stands as a great way to use your business to get a green card if you have the funds.

Which Way Is the Best?

In the end, the answer really depends on your circumstances. No green card path is simple or easy for small business owners, but with some dedication and an experienced attorney, some doors may start opening for you. Remember that each immigration scenario is unique and it’s best to view these options on a case-by-case basis.

Many entrepreneurs might want to consider the EB-2 National Interest Waiver as an option. However, if you are among those people who can qualify for either the EB-1 or the EB-5 green cards, there is a whole host of advantages that come along with these more prestigious options.

If you’re interested in starting a small business in the U.S. and taking that first step to success, these are the best options to live permanently in the country and make that dream a reality.

Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.


Shilpa Malik

Immigration Lawyer & Managing Attorney at SGM Law Group, PLLC

Shilpa is the lead attorney at the Law offices of Shilpa Malik. She has extensive experience and a great reputation for offering top-notch representation in business and employment-based immigration. She has successfully handled complex H1B Visa, L-1 Visa, and Employment Green Card cases in South Florida, NYC and nationwide

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