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I call it the 8 pm sleep cure because when I need deep, rejuvenating sleep, I take Serotonin FX promptly at 8 pm – loaded with valerian and L-tryptophan.

By the time 9 pm rolls around you’ll be drowsy and ready to
hit the sack. If you’re not getting restful sleep, it might be the source of poor health to come. Biochemically, the following happens:

– Insulin, the fat-storing hormone, rises

– Ghrelin, the hunger -inducing hormone, heightens

– The libido and muscle-inducing hormone, testosterone, sinks

– The anti-aging hormone, HGH (human growth hormone) dissipates

– Our free radical scavenging hormone, melatonin, falls rapidly

– The fat-melting hormone, leptin, crashes

In general, we become pissed off, fat, hungry, and depressed. This is just the beginning. As this hormonal ignorance continues, our health trajectory takes a nosedive toward:

– poor immunity
– obesity
– cancer
– insulin resistance
– Type II diabetes
– and heart disease

Those who don’t get enough shut-eye feel the early signs of this hormone ignorance – excess stress and anxiety, memory loss, mood swings, and fatigue.

You can stop it with serotoninfx

Now of course this was an advertisement I found to show an example of one of the many remedies for sleeplessness. However, the entire thing was proceeded by near scare tactics to get you pumped and primed for the “cure.”

The problem with medications even supplements is you may run out when you really need it, you may be allergic, you may just forget. They may even interfere with your doctor prescribed medications. Take for instance, I can’t take melatonin, a natural supplement. I don’t even remember what medication it doesn’t coexist with but I know it’s something I must avoid. Bummer melatonin is supposed to be really great! And it’s 100% natural!

I sometimes think working on your habits that prevent your sleeping or using a combination of sleep aids may be your best course of action. But mind you this is coming from one who went to bed at 3AM and woke before 7AM this morning. As you can see I’m still searching.

If you have any ideas, want to quote the experts or just share your experiences, by all means comment. I’d love to hear it and share it with those who want to know.

More on this later. I’ll be doing this ’til I get it right.


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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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