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I’m So Sick Of Politics

I wanted to share a letter Former Vice Pres. Joe Biden sent to me and my response. To tell you the truth I’m so sick of politics, I don’t know what to do! He wrote:

I’ve been a public servant a long time. And even though my and Barack’s time in the White House has come to an end, I still wake up every morning with a single thought: what can I do today to help make a difference?

That’s been my guiding principle and the principle of Democrats like you all across the country. We lost big in November — there’s no pretending otherwise. But life isn’t about how many times you get knocked down. It’s about how many times you get back up.

So that one thing you can do today to help make a difference? Pitch in $3 or whatever you can right now before Democrats’ first major quarterly fundraising deadline of the year to help keep this momentum going, because we’ve got a long road ahead.


I responded:

Hi Joe,

I’m Gerri, I’m so happy to see you’ve made so much of your life since the Presidency. And wish you continued success. Right now I have a fund raising of my own. And I’m not making any progress.

I know this is getting off the point, but it’s a good time to bring up the issue of seniors not having the ability to get loans or credit cards. Most haven’t been able to retire in peace. Me included!

Right now I’ve got to come up with funds to pay off airfare, clothes, transportation to Orlando for a conference with the internet system I joined just before the election took place, Digital Altitude. They’re a pretty well-heeled organization. In fact, I sometimes I wonder what the heck am I doing here? Kanye West is an example of one of the members. Money!

So I don’t have any and I’m not going to leave this business. Therefore I started a GoFundMe to help with expenses, but nobody cares. Do you have any ideas who can help me with my dream of moving out of the bedbug and rat infested facility and finally get some sleep at night. Those critters don’t only keep me awake, they cause mental problems. Here’s my answer:

Maybe I can win here,

Gerri Lewis Yip

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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