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Enjoy Tips From Nabil Macki

I was really taken back by the method. Nabil Macki. His intent was firm and I decided to take it up with you. Do you think his tips are effective and if so why and why not.


1 – Clean your profile page. Change your profile picture (just you and no logo). Your homepage photo must be in alignment with your brand (a lifestyle or a quote picture).

2 – Try to upgrade your homepage photo every 3 to 6 months because it will be shown on your wall and other’s wall. So people will like your photo and this will create an activity and a movement.

3 – To have likes and more interaction, go to google and search for quotes or image quotes and post it on your wall. The posting formula is 5 posts a day (minimum 3 posts) as the following strategy: 4 posts (inspiration, motivation, funny…) and 1 post (benefit of your business or lifestyle). Every 2 days or twice a week you include a call to action to your business.

4 – When you start to have likes and comments, it means that you have started to get leads and the door will be open for you to relationships, dialogue and conversation. Like and comment on their posts, send a PM and start conversation.

5 – The best way and the best strategy to start a relationship is the birthday strategy. Every day Google shows all the birthdays, so it’s another open door to leave a message on their wall or send a PM or call them.

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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