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Are You A Marketer…Who Posts Often On Social Media?

Are You A Marketer, With The Expectation Of Sales And Engagement From Your Promotions, From What You Say Or Do?

Well this information is for . Just a word of advice whether you take it or not. There are some things that you do not do. At least this applies to the majority of us. I’ve seen some who defy the rules intentionally and make all kinds of headway. But there is no accounting for the response they get to their insults, off-the-cuff, bad-mouthing behavior. Real; I don’t think so.

I guess some like the abuse and are gluttons for punishment. Or enjoy the verging on ignorance. They call it earthy and ‘down.’ But Mark Walker-Ford showed in an infographic the 8 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media.

I’m just curious which one’s you are guilty of? Can you guess which one’s I have done?

~Never Post About Political Or Religious Views

This gives some of your audience a reason to dismiss what you say or to unfollow you. And you never know how many that may be.
After all what are your goals? Are you using your public platform to further a political belief or gain the confidence of a prospective client

~Misleading Content

Isn’t it annoying to become interested in eye-catching headline only to find that the reason for the post was to get your email, have you subscribe or purchase something. Your not satisfied may be even angry.

~Irrelevant Viral Content

You should keep viral content that doesn’t fit your a minimum. Does it belong on your social media account? Does it compliment your niche?

~Unattributed Content

As former reporter, I’ve grown used to telling who said or did what. And using others content is not such a bad strategy especially if your looking for relevant material to round off a point your making. Make sure you’re giving credit.

~Using Tragedies To Capitalise

Besides the fact that this practice is tasteless, it leaves your audience with a feeling that you lack empathy, another reason to unfollow you. You don’t want that do you?

~Misleading Posts

Your headlines should reflect and make a case for what you are actually presenting. Not just a hook just to get attention.

~Too Much Overly Promotional Content

It is often suggested that you give value, engagement and inform your audience 1 to 4.  This graphic states that it should be 80%.  Did I mention Mark Walker-Ford? Well, here he is again.

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